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If you're looking for new inventory we got you covered. We are happy to provide our customers with a mixed pallet of clothing items hand picked from our NYC distribtors.

What Comes In My Pallet

Where Can I Sell?

The internet has many website you can now list your inventory. Some of the most popular websites we enjoy using are Etsy, Poshmark and Depop but there are many others. We also have successful clients selling in small boutique stores.

Will I Make Money?

We want you to be very successful working with our inventory. You've listed and organized your new inventory. How long will it be before you sell everything? We want two things in the apparel industry a high sell-through rate (how much gets sold) and turnover (how fast it gets sold). The average apparel industry 6 month sell-through rate is about 45.5%. The 12 month sell-through rate is 68.7%. The speed of turnover on your pallet will have to do with how busy your store becomes. This industry is not for those looking to get rich quick. You have to invest time listing and promoting your stores. The more time products are listed and promoted compounds into more success.

Apparel Industry Statistics

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